The Kalamazoo Children’s Chorus:

40 years of making beautiful music together.


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The Kalamazoo Children’s Chorus stands in unity, support, and care of all the children entrusted to us. We, as an organization, stand in solidarity with our black brothers and sisters for justice and equity. KCC is committed to listening to the stories of the black community, educating ourselves on our bias, speaking up against racism and helping to bring inclusion and equity to our community through the power of music.  KCC is also committed to creating a safe loving space that welcomes any student despite their race, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender expression or social economic class. We promise to ensure that our members feel appreciated, loved, and respected, all while providing a space to grow together as one.

We pledge to program music that will celebrate the history of our black and brown children and to educate ourselves and our choirs on the significant impact the culture has made.  To program music that will highlight female composers and composers of color rather than lack diversity in our repertoire.

We pledge to seek learning opportunities to be greater educators to our students and advocates for our children of color and LGBTQ+ youth. We pledge to move forward to create a program with a diverse leadership to represent our community as a whole. To show respect to the wide variety of people who make up the arts community here in Greater Kalamazoo.


Meet KCC’s Newest Staff Member: Caitlin Kramer 

The Kalamazoo Children’s Chorus welcomes Caitlin Kramer into the position of Program Manager. Click her Photo above to learn more about her background.



Your child will embark on a lifelong adventure in singing as a member of the nationally renowned Kalamazoo Children’s Chorus.  The adventure starts with the audition. To see what we’ve been up to and if our Chorus would be a good fit please:

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