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Good friends with warm and friendly smiles welcome you to an Eastside Choir Concert.

The mission of the Eastside Choir is clear!  A neighborhood choir, rehearsing and performing in the neighborhood, for the betterment and enrichment of all the communities that make up the east side of Kalamazoo.

Under the choral direction of Julie Davis, the Eastside Choir is KCCs first neighborhood choir.  Formed in October 2013, this small but mighty choir made it’s concert debut in “Welcome Home, to an Eastside Holiday”  on December 8, 2013.   WMUK radio reporter, Rebecca Thiele, was at the debut concert and filed this story:  New Eastside children’s choir brings music to an underserved neighborhood.

The Eastside Choir serves the Kalamazoo County neighborhoods of Eastside, Eastwood, Comstock and

Julie Davis directs the Eastside Choir.

Julie Davis directs the Eastside Choir.

Parchment and adjacent communities.  It is a free neighborhood choir for children ages 8-12 living in the neighborhood, rehearsing in the neighborhood, performing free concerts in the neighborhood within walking or easy driving distance from home while enhancing the livability of Kalamazoo’s east side corridor.

In just one year, the Eastside Choir has grown from eight young ladies to twenty talented boys and girls!  If you haven’t attended one of their heartwarming concerts, we hope you’ll put it high on your bucket list.

The Eastside Choir is open to children ages 8 - 12.

The Eastside Choir is for children 8 – 12.


“My Heart, My Song”, Eastside Holiday Concert on December 6th, 2015 at 4 PM at St. Mary’s Church, 939 Charlotte.

“A Song in the Air”,  Eastside Spring Concert on March 20th, 2016 at 4PM at St. Mary’s, 939 Charlotte.



KCC_1516_Eastside_Concert_Poster_AllegraThe Eastside Choir performs at community events throughout the Winter and Spring.  If your organization is interested in having the Eastside Choir perform, please contact Leona Gould-McElhone at 269-547-7183 at least one month in advance of the performance to see if the choir is available.

AUDITIONS FOR NEXT SEASON:  KCC is looking for talented Eastside area children who want love to sing!  Join the fun and learn proper vocal instruction – for free!  Eastside children can audition at new member auditions at KCC’s Milwood Campus at Milwood United Methodist Church at 3919 Portage Avenue in Kalamazoo on April 23 and April 30 2016.

Choral director Julie Davis helps an Eastside Choir member with her bow.

The Eastside Choir is made possible by generous support from the Dorothy U. Dalton Foundation and from individual and corporate donations.

The Kalamazoo Children’s Chorus thanks the Knights of Columbus, Council #9962 of St. Mary’s Church and the Ladies Sodality of St. Mary’s for it’s generous support of the 2015-2016 Eastside Choir.

Tuition for the Eastside Choir is free to resident children for the year, but it does require a commitment from you to participate for the full season.  Instilling values of dedication, commitment, loyalty, teamwork, discipline and integrity, as well as superior vocal training, it is an important commitment.  No matter what musical path your child is on – from pop to rap or Broadway to opera – your child will be a better singer and a better performer because of KCC.

2015-2016 Eastside Choir



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