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Bella Voce

2015 Christmas Concert 04

Bella Voce singers use vocal warm-ups for a strong, healthy singing voice and professional performance.

The Bella Voce Choir is the newest ensemble to the Kalamazoo Children’s Chorus.  Re-formed from previous Concert & Bel Canto Choirs, Bella Voce is a wonderful addition to our 2015-2016 performance season. The Bella Voce Choir, under the direction of Taylor Gudbranson, performs two and three part repertoire with emphasis on tone and diction in foreign language and multicultural music.  Along with various other performances throughout the year, the Bella Voce Choir will perform in the Make A Joyful Noise concert on December 13, 2015 and will perform in Building Bridges spring concert on April 1, 2016.  In June, singers from the Bella Voce Choir will travel to sing in the Crescent City Choral Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Taylor Gudbrandson, director of the Bella Voce Choir, sang with KCC in high school.

The Kalamazoo Children’s Chorus thanks the Baird Family of Vicksburg  for underwriting the 2015-2016 Bella Voce Choir.

Tuition for the Bella Voce Choir is $475 for the year.  Your child’s place is held with a $50 non-refundable deposit that is applied directly to your tuition. Tuition for siblings is discounted. There are no additional audition or registration fees.

Bella Voce Choir 2015-2016

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    -- NPR segment about KCC
    -- Frobisher Bay - Touring Choir
    -- Inscription of Hope - Bella Voce
    -- I Am His Child - Treble Choir
    -- Path to the Moon - Prep Choir
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